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Our top tips on how to turn a Google search into a sale

July 16, 2022


So, you know it’s super-duper important to get you keywords added to your website to attract real paying buyers (and escape the reels rat race), you hear all the marketing gurus talking about it.

They weren’t lying when they said things like:

“Third-party cookies are becoming extinct.”

“Get traffic to your website, you don’t own your social media platforms!”

“Google searches have an extremely high conversion rate.”

And although these experts make very valid points, nobody tells you how to turn a Google keyword search into money on the table from real, paying customers, clients, or students?

The truth is that it is more important than ever to get your keywords added to your website BUT…adding any old keyword isn’t going to cut.

This may be tempting and will help but it isn’t enough to attract warm prospects to your website that are ‘ready-to-buy’.

Let me explain why…

Ultimately, when someone makes a Google search, it doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. In reality, they could be at any stage of the buyer journey. To fully understand keywords, it’s important to understand the buyer journey and the different types of searches made at each stage of the journey so you can incorporate the appropriate keywords into your website and propel users towards a sale or booking.

What you offer must solve a problem. Regardless of this consumers don’t buy at every stage of the buyer journey, even if they are on Google.


The Buyers Journey is the pathway a potential customer or client takes when looking for a product or service. The process begins with the person realising they have a problem, following by researching, considering different solutions, and then converting which looks like making a purchase or booking a service.

The three main stages of the buyer journey are:

Awareness Stage

A consumer becomes aware of their problem and begins in-depth research in relation to their problem.

Consideration Stage

Once the consumer understands their problem, they begin to seek out solutions and compare options.

Conversion Stage:

The consumer then goes on to make a decision based on the option they believe will best solve their problem.


It’s important to understand the search intent (reason for a search) of our web visitors and the type of keyword searches they make at each stage of the buyer journey. There are four types of search intent:

Informational Keywords  (Awareness Stage)

User is in the discovery stage and looking to learn more or has a question about a topic. Informational searches (and keywords) usually begin with a how, what, why, where, or best, tips etc. as the user is seeking out information, e.g., how do I get to the top position of Google.

The purpose of these types of keywords isn’t to get consumers to buy but to inform them that you have a solution to their problem.

Navigational Keywords (Consideration Stage)

Navigational keywords are used by searchers who are looking for a specific website or page e.g., a brand, Facebook login page or bank login page. Here, a consumer will be searching brand names or a specific product name or service to get to the exact page they are after. For example, Miss Marketing SEO Made Easy course.

Commercial Keywords (Consideration Stage)

Commercial keywords are used by searches to compare something. They are investigating different products, services, and brands to determine which is the best option to solve their problem (with the intent to eventually make a purchase and/or book a service of course). An example search may be Miss Marketing reviews.

Transactional Keywords (Conversion Stage)

What are transactional keywords? Transactional keywords are used by searches when they are ready-to-buy. They have the most buyer intent behind them. The customer is ready to take action like make a purchase or book a call. An example search may be Purchase SEO Made Easy course.

It’s important to have keywords for each stage of the buyer journey incorporated into your website along with helpful content that is benefit rich. It will help drive your visitors through each stage of the buyer journey from the awareness stage right through to turning them into buyers, and even loyal customers, clients or students.


When it comes to earning cold hard cash, it’s imperative to have buyer (transactional) keywords incorporated into the content on your site. These types of keywords are made by people in the conversion stage that are ready to take action e.g., buy your product or book your service.

The question is where do you find what your potential buyers are searching in Google?

Want to know how to find your high-converting keywords that will attract a warm, banging down your digital door audience. It’ll mean you finally have ‘visitors’ to your site that are primed and ready to take action, weed out the time-wasters whilst providing a gateway to a long line of potential loyal AF customers or clients. Best part of all, the cost to acquire these leads and sales is absolutely FREE!

The answer is Keywords to Customers: a quick, actionable workshop series that helps you attract prospects that’ll buy in under 7 days so you can consistently and sustainably drive more traffic, leads and sales to your website absolutely free.


Once you have your keywords sorted, incorporate those keywords into content that compels your visitors to take action.

There you have it, the super simple way to turn a Google Search into a sale.

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