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The very best lead magnet tips and ideas to use in Facebook Ads

April 8, 2022

lead magnet tips and ideas


If you’re a service provider or a course creator, one item you can’t live without is a killer lead magnet. It must be one your audience cannot wait to get in their hot little hands and is jam-packed full of value (so much so that they can’t believe it’s free). Once you have that sorted, it’s time to scream from the roof top all about it A.K.A promote your lead magnet using Facebook Ads.

First things first, let’s just cover off what a lead magnet is for those of you who may be new to the game.

Leads magnets are a FREE, super valuable giveaway that you offer your audience in exchange for their name and email address.

You may or may not have created a lead magnet in the past but let’s have a quick yarn about the kind of lead magnet that is going to lure your audience in so you get start earning the dollars.


First things first, select your lead magnet topic and make it good.

It’s imperative you select the right topic, particularly if you want to turn your new subscribers in paying clients/customers/students.

To create an irresistible lead magnet, you need to know

  • Who your audience is (and what they need and want from you)
  • What they need from you right now
  • The offer you are leading them to


Think about it like this…

What pain points and desires does your ideal customer audience have right now?

Secondly, what does your ideal audience need to believe about you and their situation to book your service or buy your product/course (your offer)?

The gap is where the gold lies and should guide your lead magnet topic.

Some good questions to trigger some topic ideas are:

  1. What could help your ideal community right this minute?
  2. What is the #1 question you get asked all the time?

Remember, this is their first impression of you so you need to make your lead magnet juicy.

It also needs to be super simple – you want your audience to get a quick win and see that working with you is a breeze.


Your lead magnet must also align with your offer.

To come up with a topic, sometimes it’s easier to reverse engineer – start with your offer and work your way back. Brainstorm different lead magnet topics that would prime them towards your offer.

seo checklist pdf


There are 7 different types of Lead Magnets, yes seven!

I have listed them below for you. Cheat sheet, checklist or worksheet is the easiest so if you’re a newbie, start with one of those.

Cheat sheet

Offers steps, examples and images to illustrate a strategy.

Example: Facebook Ads examples cheat sheet


A list of items to be completed and a great way for your audience to track their progress

Example: Organise your kitchen checklist


A roadmap for your audience to follow and get results. They often include stories, examples and actions steps.

Example: How to build your brand message

Video or Audio Training

An audible or motion content piece for your audience. Giving your audience the opportunity to hear your voice or watch you making it much more personal. Here, they can see your personality and teaching style in all its glory

Example: How to choose the right coach for your business


Generally, 5-10 days, a challenge requires you to guide your audience through a new concept usually via email or a FB group. These grow your audience superfast and are great for course creators.

Example: 5 Day Challenge: How to create your FB Ads FunnelQuiz: Quizzes are a fun way to entice your audience into their list. They can teach us a lot about our audience and they can teach our audience about themselves. Consider how you could show your product or service as a solution to their problem.

Example: Quiz – Which Friends character is your brand

Mini-Course or Training

A free mini course or training is a series of training that focuses on teaching your audience about one, specific topic. You could do this by delivering a series of 3-7 videos via email over a few days.

Example: How to meal prep for the keto diet mini series


Once you have your lead magnet create – jump over to Canva to swipe one of their easy peasy template. Don’t waste too much time choosing a template.


Once you have your lead magnet created, it’s time to sort out your landing pages and emails system.

You’ll need to create an automation that allows users to fill out a form, which will then trigger an email to be sent to the user with your lead magnet. You can use email software like Convert Kit, Active Campaign etc., to do this.

Once all the tech is set up, you then need to get it into the hot little hands of your audience.

You can try and do this organically if you don’t have an ads budget through social media or promoting it through borrowed audiences like guest blogs or podcasting – where you can plug your lead magnet.

My favourite place to get downloads at lightning speed is the FB Ad Manager. You can quickly find an audience that can’t wait to get their hands on your lead magnet and get those downloads rolling in.


To get the best bang for your buck and most downloads I suggest using two campaign types:

  • Conversion Campaign
  • Lead Generation

Conversion Ads

Conversion ads require a prospect to visit a landing page on your website and fill out a form. Once they hit the thank you page on your website, if your automation is done right, it should trigger an email with the lead magnet inside to the user.

Lead Generation Ads

Lead Generation ads allow the prospect to autofill their details like name and email inside Instagram or Facebook itself. You then need to either get those leads from the Ads Manager and load them to your email platform or use software like Zapier that connect the platforms and transfers the leads from one platform to the next.

Generally, lead generation ads have a lower cost per lead and higher download numbers. The leads are often considered less interested or qualified prospects as they don’t need to leave the social media platform to get your freebie. With conversion ads it requires more effort as the user needs to leave the social platform and hit your website to fill out your form. The best way to determine this for your business is to test! Always test your ads.

It doesn’t stop there!


The next and most popular step is to nurture these leads using a strategic stream of emails that propel a user towards your offer. You can also add your contact details and a call to action to the back page of your lead magnet to encourage your prospects to do business with you.


If you’re a course creator, you next step would be to consider running a challenge and/or live webinars to sell your programs. Invite prospects on your email list into these events and live sell within the webinar themselves.

Of course, you can use FB Ads to get more people to these events too – again use the conversion objective. Consider running ads to get people into your challenge or webinar and then to let your audience know that you audience know that you cart is opening and then closing.

If you want to take a sneak peak of some of my Fb Ads and SEO lead magnets and set-ups, click here.

Any questions? Drop them below. 👇


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