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Top reasons why not adding keywords to your website is costing you business

July 23, 2022


What are keywords, and why do I need them? – a question not enough of you are asking!

Everyone is far too fixed on how to get more followers on Instagram and find their next Reels audio to dub.

A keyword strategy is how you attract, real, paying clients to your website (you know that thing you spent months creating that is costing you more every month than what you make for it) so you really can ditch posting to crickets.

If you don’t yet have a keyword strategy in place – whether you’re a business owner, content creator or an expert in your field or ANYONE with an online business, it’s time to start asking how to incorporate keywords into your content.

Here’s a quick refresh.


Keywords are the words that people type into Google to find a brand, product, service, or content they are searching for.


As a website owner or content creator, you want to add relevant keywords to the pages of your website so that when people make a search, they have the best possible chance of finding you.

Simply put – they provide a connection between a user making a search and the content they’re looking for to answer their query.

Google is very smart at matching a search with the right content. It is also good at understanding the intent of the person search – the primary goal of a search.

For example, if you were to search leather handbags in Google vs. how do I clean my leather handbag, Google would display very different results based on how it interprets what you are asking for.

By carefully selecting the right keywords, you can attract ready-to-buy prospects to your website every day of the week. Can I hear a cha-ching?

If you don’t have keywords or the right ones in place – you’re missing out on a whole lot of free, organic and targeted traffic.

In fact, you’re likely getting very little web traffic, if any at all.


Your goal is to rank in search engines to drive organic traffic to your website from the Search Engine Results Pages. The keywords you choose to target (and optimise for) will determine the kind of traffic you attract to your site. This could be the difference between crickets and consistent (and free) sales.

Did I mention that adding keywords to your website is completely free to do?


In a nutshell, this is how it works.

Essentially, a user types a keyword phrase in Google. Google then scan’s it’s library to find the best content match for the search.

Super simple, right?

Why wouldn’t you want to be position one in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for the keywords that would land you leads and sales on a silver platter.

Not only that but it’s a known fact that people searching in Google, already have a problem they need a solution for. There is an audience searching and ready-to-buy exactly what you’re offering. And…if you haven’t implemented a keyword strategy, you’re missing out on all these incoming sales that could be hitting your website.


Sadly, the days of easy advertising are coming to a screaming halt (and unfortunately aren’t coming back). It’s time to get prepared, before the competition does.

You have two options:

  1. Spend hours and hours posting on social media, all to get little to no ROI.
  2. Attract primed, ready-to buy prospects to your site with a strategic keyword plan in place.

Ready to ditch the marketing efforts draining your bank account and costing your bucketloads of time?

That’s exactly what Keywords to Customers will allow you to do.  For just $47, you will discover how to find and select keywords that will have your dream audience banging down your digital door, ready-to-buy.

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