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SOS: How to get traffic to your website and make those all important $$$

July 27, 2022

Learn how to get traffic to your website for free


Want more leads and sales from your website?

But, if you’re honest, you barely have any web traffic.

The whole build a website and post on social media 3x a week that you ticked off your business to do list just didn’t produce the results you were expecting.

Not to mention the money you’ve donated to the likes of Zuckerberg or eBay or Etsy, when all you really wanted was qualified traffic to your OWN website.

Or the time wasted creating Reels and email campaigns to get the same few people engage with absolutely zero new traffic, let alone sales.

I mean, this all helps, but it isn’t exactly needle moving, right?

And you’re still faced with the same problems – lacking both time and money to perpetuate your business further into your dream life abyss, (add name).

This is a common problem.


And TRUTH be told, you want to start attracting primed, ready-to-buy prospects to your website that are interested in your offer whilst wedding out those time wasters that aren’t, don’t you?

That’s why you started your business in the first place.

Not so you could work from daylight to dark earning less than minimum wage.

It’s time to start getting qualified traffic to the website you spent months creating back in 2020 so that it can stop costing you more than you’re making from it.

Let me break it down for you…


A qualified lead is a warm prospect that is a perfect fit for your offer. They are primed and ready-to-buy and the keywords they are searching verify this.

Fortunately for you (and me), Google is very smart at matching a search with the right content (and offers) and is ready to bring you these people on a silver platter.

For example, if you’re a newborn photographer and someone was to search “newborn photographer, Sydney”, you can bet your bottom this prospect has a strong chance of converting if the offer is exactly what they’re after.

It’s a known fact that people searching in Google, already have a problem they need a solution for. There is an audience searching and ready-to-buy exactly what you’re offering and if you haven’t implemented a keyword strategy, you’re missing out on all these incoming sales that could be hitting your website.

Instead, you’re throwing you offers out there to people who may not even need what you offer; hoping, praying and crossing your fingers that’s somehow you land a sale.

When…you could be attracting an audience to your website (on autopilot) that is ready-to-buy exactly what you’re offering, no questions asked (with zero budget and minimal work required).

Here’s exactly how you can do that.

It’s a simple, three-step process:

1. Know your dream customers/clients/students

To get qualified traffic to your website, you need to know exactly who you’re trying to attract so you can do just that. That includes their needs, pain points and desires.

2. Find the keywords they are searching in Google

Discover the exact keywords your dream prospects are searching in Google to find you. It may be tempting to add any old keyword, but we know from past experience that doesn’t work, does it?

3. Add those keywords to your website content

Select your winning keywords and add them to the exact locations on your website that will please the Google powers to be and start attracting qualified traffic on repeat (and free).

The best way to do this?

Using a simple, PROVEN formula that has scored countless clients and students (and myself) traffic that buys, every day of the week. This is EXACTLY what we can help with in Keywords to Customers (it’s $47 and you’ll make that back with just your first sale).

Bottom line?

If you’ve got a website, and you’ve got an offer that you know people want, but no web traffic:

You are missing out on a whole of people searching for products or services like yours, every day (and counting).

The solution?

The missing step to attract hot, ready-to-buy leads to your website on autopilot (and we’ve wrapped it all up for you and tied it with a pretty bow).

Give yourself the possible chance of your primed, ready-to-buy audience finding you (on repeat)

Are you ready to save yourself time and money, add name? Or Are you ready to get your life back?

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